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Cartoon How-To

You may not even know what the word means, but believe it or not, you've already see seventeen zillion of them. Caricatures are drawings that EXAGGERATE for a humorous effect. They take real things and make them either so BIG or so small that you can't help laughing. For instance, pretend you go fishing and you catch one weenie little fish that's so tiny you don't even want to bother bringing it home. But you go to school the next day and tell everyone how you lucked out: The fish were biting like crazy, and your pail was so full that hundreds of fish were jumping out of the bucket onto the dock and into the air. That's called exaggeration.

Caricatures do the same thing but they can exaggerate the way a person looks of moves, or even what they might be able to do. For example, let's say your friend Sarah's ninth birthday party is coming up and she's been nervous for days that she won't be able to blow out all ten candles at once. When the big moment arrives, all of her friends are there and everyone's excited. Normally, Sarah's a pretty calm and quiet kind of girl. (This is where the exaggeration comes in.) But suddenly, she takes a H-U-U-U-U-GE breath, and blows with all her might. A gigantic, powerful puff of air explodes from her mouth. She blows so hard that the whole top of the cake comes flying off -- frosting, flowers, everything -- all over her friends.

What's A Caricature Anyway?

On your mark, get set, get drawing!

Cyndie Bellen-Berthézène's CARTOON HOW-TO opens a fantastic window into the world of cartooning for younger kids. Children delve into the creation of original monsters, flesh out caricatures of teachers they can't stand and draw scads of other cool people and places -- all in a cartoon context. Extensive, kid-friendly step by steps make this charmingly articulate and creative guide a must for all art and idea-loving second and third graders!