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Flipping Out! How to Draw Flip Animations

It’s Alive!
Or is it?

Wow, animation! Everyone knows what that is, right? Really cool cartoons... Your family’s favorite shows on TV... Amazing animated movies that even parents are willing to watch! There’s so much animation around these days that people are talking about animated characters the same way they talk about their next door neighbors!

But why do people find animation so captivating? What’s so interesting about a bunch of squiggly little drawings dancing around on a screen?


Animation is more than just drawings -- animation is about us! Who we are, how we feel, what we think, and how we -- and everything around us -- moves.

Hear that clock ticking? Time is moving. Something is always moving. Our planet is moving; our cells are moving. One day we’re little and skinny, the next week we’re bigger and our clothes don’t fit. We run, we play, we grow in our sleep -- we’re alive! Animations capture all of that because like us, they move through TIME.

Animations use a whole string of pictures to tell a story. It’s the movement from picture to picture that makes the action happen. First one thing happens, then the next thing happens, and then the next thing happens. Think of a baseball game: there’s the signal, the pitcher pitches the ball, the ball flies toward the batter, the batter swings at the ball, the bat connects, a-a-a-a-a - n d . . . IT’S A H-O- O-O-ME RUN!

In this book you’ll learn how to make simple animations. You’ll learn about optical toys, how to draw great stuff, invent characters, move them through time, and before you know it you’ll be making your own animations. So don’t stop now, keep right on moving and...