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From Zero to Hero: How to Draw Comics and Manga

Hurry! Grab your pencil and markers -- there’s trouble in the Kidscketch Galaxy! In this book, you’ll learn how to draw both Comic and Manga style artwork. Join a team of comic superkids -- they’ll show you how to sketch superheroes and write your own comics. Then blast off into the world of manga, where a manga princess is in danger. By learning to draw manga characters, monsters, and more, you can help save her world. ...Artists to the rescue!

Flipping Out! How to Draw Flip Animations

The exciting world of animation awaits you! In this book you’ll discover how to make simple drawings that look like they’re moving. You’ll also learn about optical toys and flipbooks and find out how to make our own. Everything you need to know about moving animations is right here in this easy-to-understand, step-by-step, guide. So don’t stop now, move right to the pages inside! Happy Animating!

Cartoon How-To

Enter the world of creative cartoons!

In this book, you’ll learn how to sketch people form head to toe, create monsters and characters, and draw scads of other cool cartoon creatures and places! Before you know it, you’ll be drawing like a real cartoonist!

On your mark, get set, get drawing!